Activities at The Orchard Retreat & Spa, Srinagar

campfire Orchard Retreat and Spa Srinagar

Camp Fire

There's nothing like the blazing heat emanating from a flaming bonfire to warm your soul on a chilly night. Come and enjoy the green lush field underneath the night sky and enjoy our bonfire nights. Experience all these activities in Srinagar.

barbeque Orchard Retreat and Spa Srinagar


When it comes to BBQs, you have plenty of choices to your perfect outdoor entertaining experience. The menu (Asian, Oriental, Mediterranean) consists of barbecues-served in skewers set on red hot embers right next to the bonfire which gives a unique experience to your taste buds. 

fruit plucking Orchard Retreat and Spa Srinagar

Fruit Plucking

Want to learn how to make apple & rose flower jam? 'Gulkand' is a fruit picking heaven at The Orchard Retreat & Spa, Srinagar. Have your favourite fruit & nut salad personally picked by you from among the various fruit and nut trees, such as, apple, peach, peer, strawberry, walnut, almond and plum.

cuisine classes Orchard Retreat and Spa Srinagar

Cuisine Classes

'Cookery is not chemistry, it is an art’. Come and learn how to make special Kashmiri food from our chef at our garden kitchen. All the cuisines at our hotel in Srinagar, are prepared keeping in mind that recipes are made easy to learn and easy to cook.